If you are watching a coded movie with your CODED MOVIE MAKER HUD, you can invite people to watch it too: 

- by giving them a copy of your CODED MOVIE MAKER HUD with the notecard in it, 

- or, if the other avatar has the CODED MOVIE MAKER HUD already, by giving them the notecard with the movie in it, 

- or through your camera with another HUD called "Share Camera HUD". Just give another avatar the HUD, so he/she can ask you to watch your camera.

If YOU want to watch another ones camera:

When the Share Camera HUD is in your inventory, load it with a double click or "wear" (better "add").  You won't see it on your screen.

Write /1 start into your chat window.

The Share Camera HUD shows you the names of the nearest avatars, click the avatar's name of whom you want to see the camera.

If the avatar gives you permission to see her/his camera (= screen), you will see it.

You can see your own camera in mouselook, and you can switch between the two modes if you want to.

With writing /1 stop in chat you'll have your own camera back.

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