Samstag, 17. August 2013

Coded Movie Workshop starts

Invitation to a "Coded Movie Workshop".

I wrote a basic script for coded movie making. The script can also be used as a tool for machinima. It works as follows. You can write what you see (your camera) as coordinates and rotation to your chat. Then you copy and paste the view (and more of them) onto a notecard. After that is done, you can see the views "on click" as a movie on your screen. You don't have to know how to script, just how to write a notecard.

What I would like to do:
You will get a HUD (Coded Movie Maker Basic). I'll teach you how to handle it. Assist you in the movie making process. The result of what you have done, the movie(s), will be shown to the public at the end of the workshop.
In order for each participant to have the proper instruction, I would like to have each workshop group to have no more than 5 people.

The workshop will begin on Tuesday, August 20, at 2 pm slt and take approximately one hour. After that, I will offer the workshop every Tuesday at 2 pm and/or 7 pm SLT (depending on the number of people signing up for each session) at my Coded Movie Factory at LEA 2 for as long as people want to attend.

As an introduction see:
The slurl for the workshop is on LEA2 Performance Sim.

Please contact me to sign up for the workshop. I would like to see you there. :)

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